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We are webike

Webike Thailand, a branch of Webike Japan, the biggest motorcycle parts and accessories shopping website in Japan, was founded in 2000. We are a channel between Webike Thailand and Webike Japan to assist Thai customer on as well as updating motorcycle news from around the world.

We have, a 19 years in motorcycle parts and accessories business, headquarter located in Japan, making us a reliable source for global market, especially in Japan that our shop are well-known throughout the country. More importantly, we are also a sponsor for Japanese racing team like Webike Team Norick Yamaha, Webike SRC Kawasaki Trickstar, T.Pro Innovation, NTS.T Pro Project, RAMA Honda by NTS T.Pro Ten 10 and Team KAGAYAMA SUZUKI.

Besides motorcycle news and running a website, we are also aiming to export made in Thailand products to global market via our website. All rider around the world will be able to find high quality and high performance Thai made products with such ease. Feeling secured when shopping and high quality genuine products that the customers get made us an authentic site, which affects the potential of customer’s decision on purchasing tremendously.



In 2000 the bike shop's Internet Motorcycle Accessories store "Webike" was founded by rented the back of motorcycle's showroom and start from first month until the record monthly sales was over than our expected in October 2005 We've grown into. Open initially I was doing all the work in the space of about three tatami mats that were rented.


At the time I was 28 years old and my co-founding is a 25-years-old experience also funds was also no youth connection. We rented an apartment in the joint he had been devoted to work tirelessly from morning until midnight. While repeating a quarrel and discussions but there was a time food was also spent while truncated and yet also less contact with customers is a real world remember that there is somewhere idyllic atmosphere.

IT boom late 1990s was a glamorous and solicit investors Armed with their own ideas and technology many venture entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs there were. Or not also lose myself that I think as was also think. When I decided to entrepreneurship it is what was in me and the business model of "E-commerce of Motorcycle Accessories" if his can be sure that of entrepreneur specific only convinced unfounded If you look at my friend was. However we were able to ride the wave of expansion and dissemination of luckily the Internet. The advent of the net is what gives a big change since the Industrial Revolution to the society and individuals. I think it was really good to come born in this turbulent era. But involves many difficulties and overcome it to make a new era in their own you want Mitodoke. You cannot help but meet the intense curiosity.

Already passed 19 years since its founding we own also surrounding environment was also greatly changed. Founded at the time it was the utmost only thing themselves. As employees and customers increases rather than just that their many customers who love the company and motorcycles as an organization will be to think that nature to that of the society to support it. Bike myself was a fool to think the obligations and role as CEO empowerment of bike culture and rider as a company how do you going to contribute to society. It is cheeky still the standpoint of small venture companies but started thinking.

Now we will have to second founding period. Not there is still a stand out technical capabilities and physical strength. However there is than ever before high aspirations and deep conviction. We will be the world's largest companies admit to always Skywalkers in the large market of E-commerce. Rather than aiming for only one in the market with no competition and surpasses rivals sit in a row we aim to number one. It is not a purpose to survive in an unstable this world but its main purpose is to survive. Without forgetting the basics when their own to transform even, in order to continue to grow. There is no change to the hot aspirations.


Company’s Goal

Nowadays, motorcycle user in Thailand has been continually increasing as a consequence of environmental changing that benefits motorcycle over car, especially in a metropolitan like Bangkok that always facing traffic problem. The small body of motorcycle is more agile than a car in this kind of situation. Apart from convenient commuting, having a bike and customising it is one’s personal preferences to fulfill their happiness.

Thai motorcycle parts and accessories shop may seems to have a various type of goods, however, it still is far less comparing to global market, and cannot satisfy the needs and uniqueness of Thai riders. Mr. Shinano Koki, the founder of Webike Japan, who has been running the website since 2000, sees what Thai market is lacking and decides to establish Webike Thailand to be a channel for Thai riders, which enables them to find various and unique goods from global market through our website despite their motorcycle type.

Our CEO and Managing Director

shinano Koka

Shinano Koki

Webike Group CEO

The day I made my decisive decision on establishing Webike was when I was 28 years old. Together with my another friend, we rent a small apartment and worked tirelessly every day. Time flies, and now my business has grown more than I can imagine. There are three branches in Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. I am grateful for my 28 years old at that time for making this decision in choosing to do what I love and not giving up when facing difficulties. I love motorcycle and understand what riders like and need, which is the reason why I want to expand Webike network worldwide in order for riders around the world to be able to find what they like.

Tatsuya Koga

Tatsuya Koga

Webike Thailand Managing Director

I have been familiar with motorcycle since I was a boy. The time I spent on them was much more than hanging out with friends at game center or doing club activity after school like other Japanese kids. I can still recall the image of me using a chopstick to nip food with my dirty hand darken and smell of engine oil just like it is yesterday. This would be my 17th year after I moved to Thailand. The culture seemed to be different than Japanese at first, but now I am used to it. I have met and spent time with a lot of Thai riders. What they like was no different than Japanese riders, except that the market was still lack of unique stuffs.  

I considered meeting with Mr. Shinano Koki one of the best thing that had happened in my life. I had a chance to help Webike Thailand to become a well-known website in Thailand. Soon we might be able to see a new style of customized motorcycle running around the city.

Compapy management


Philosophy is essential in working place to keep everyone’s attitudes and values as one. According to the survey, average company only has 30 years of business. That will not happen to our company. We will build up this company to survive even in the next 1000 year. In order to do that, our philosophy has to be inherited by our children and grandchildren that wants to become like us. This company will do what other companies cannot.


Simply getting along in daily life is not harmony. In working place there are a diversity of age, sex, religion. To acknowledge, cherish, understand and forgive each other is the real harmony. Therefore, self-dignity should be kept and respect should be shown. Instead, make an irreplaceable fellow to spend time together and enhance each other just like what Prince Shotoku said. It is not a competition nor spoiling, but to help each other take a higher step together.

Fired Up and Show Guts

Our society has entered a golden age of digital era. However, that is just a part of development. Technology cannot do everything as we wish. In the end, our spirit and guts is what we need to accomplish the objective. In critical moment, the decision cannot be made by a machine or computer, but ourselves.

Webike does not consist with specialist from every field. Instead, we are the center of those who wish to improve themselves, eager to learn and ready to move forward together.

Dignity Comes with Honesty

Aiming for profit only is not what business really is. We should not do anything that bring shame to ourselves. Money is not important than our pride. Being a good company required honesty to customer, employee, as well as employee’s family.

In reality, money is also a major factor in our life. Just like what they said “a pouch cannot stand upright by itself.” However, we also have to keep our philosophy in mind and be honest to everyone.

Never Stop Improve Yourself

There are no end for human’s potential. Our brain has the ability to learn everything new at any moment. That is why we should not stop improving ourselves. Our legs should keep on stepping forward while strengthen your body and mind. Do you still remember the day you finally be able to ride a two wheels bicycle? Do you remember how happy you are at that time? This can also apply to your working and daily life. What we do not know, we study until we understand it clearly. Once we finally get it, it will surely bring you happiness. Everyday when you wake up in the morning, you can look in the mirror and see a new you in there.


Company NameWebike (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Business LocationThailand

74/1 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 4, Ramkhamhaeng Rd.,
Suanluang, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand (Head Office)

Japan Headquarters

Yubinbango154-0005 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Mishuku 1-13-1 Toei Mishuku building 6F

Yokohama Plant

Yubinbango 227-0034 Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Aoba-ku, Katsuradai 1-5-6

Yokohama fulfillment center

Yubinbango 246-0008 Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Seya-ku Gokanme cho 1-4 Meguro  warehouse building B


Unit 2001, Floor 20, Havana Tower, 132 Ham Nghi Street, District 01, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam


Room 108 No.1, 1Nam Tai Road, Taishan District, New Taipei-City

Webike Philippines Consultancy Services, Inc.







香港特別行政区 九龍荔枝角長沙灣道833號11樓 1101室

Euroe-Com Trading GmbH

Franz Schubert Strasse 17, 2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Austria

EstablishmentOctober 18, 2015
Capital2 Million Baht
Number Of Employees10 Staffs (January 1, 2021 currently)
CEO and Board MembersCEO: Koki Shinano

Managing Director: Tatsuya Koga

Director: Surachai Charusakulariyakul


Accessories online store planning construction, management, Internet advertising and marketing business

Amount of sales 

14,740,000,000¥ (FY2021)

11,900,000,000¥ (FY2020)

10,117,000,000¥ (FY2019)

9,295,000,000¥ (FY2018)

8,690,000,000¥ (FY2017)

8,310,000,000¥ (FY2016)

7,710,000,000¥ (FY2015)

6,560,000,000¥ (FY2014)

5,310,000,000¥ (FY2013)

4,420,000,000¥ (FY2012)

Number of oganizationsNational motorcycle supplies Association (JMCA)
National E-commerce Council (EC Council)