Privacy policy


In our company we pay maximum attention to the protection of users’ personal information. Personal information that was entrusted to use by the user like it like been managed in accordance with the following privacy policy so that the user like you to be able to use our service with our confidence, is what our company is in compliance with the law and regulation for the protection of personal information, a description that you are operation.

personal information

Use of personal information

User address like is entered at our site, name, personal information, such as email address is use for such as mail delivery to inform the provision of services on our site, information and the like.

Protect user information

Disclosure of personal information

Your disclosure users’ personal information to third parties, sales, will not be able to lend. However, the following cases may be disclosed. And use of the cases and personal information to be disclosed or provided to partners such as third party in the user like in prior consent, consent that cannot be identified or identify individuals those obtained by case-summary and analysis , etc. were obtained from to achieve the purpose, if on the basis of the case, laws and regulations that deposit to subcontractors or partners have entered into our company and the confidentiality agreement, there was the a request for disclosure from public institutions such as courts and police agencies human life, there is imminent danger to the body and property, etc. if there is an urgent need.


For protection by the security (SSL)

To the page where I am to provide personal information to the user like in our site, the data called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) we use a mechanism for communication is encrypted. The use of SSL, information such as the customer’s personal information or a credit card number is encrypted and can be transmitted
From the customer’s computer to server, to prevent falsification of eavesdropping, information, personal information on the internet safety it can be sent to.



In our site, we use cookies. When the cookies that the user like visited our site, it is a small data file that the server to use to identify your computer. It is sent from the server and stored on your computer. Cookies enhance the service, we are using for your added convenience used by customers to our site. You can also refuse cookies on your own. Please check your browser setting that have become available. In addition, the company, you may refer to save the cookies in your computer that display advertisement on our site. In this case, advertising the use of cookies by the lord is done according to the advertiser’s own privacy policy. Advertiser and other companies will not be able to see the cookies on our site.

access log

About the access log

At our company site, we have to record the information of people who have access in the form of access log. IP address of the accessed equipment to access log, browser type, domain name, such as access time is recorded. Access log and then utilized for statistical analysis of the maintenance and usage of our site. And personal information not linked, will not be used for purposes other than those described above.


Revision of the Privacy Policy

We may revise the whole or any parts of the contents of the privacy policy. If there is a signification change, it will be announced in a manner easy to understand on the page of our site.